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EP2- When everything seems to fail, but becoming a mama is a necessity…

August 8, 2019

My guest, Kimberly Much, tells a heart-wrenching story of perseverance and strength. Nothing was going to stop her from becoming a mama and I mean nothing! She and her husband have been through it all and they kept picking themselves back up again and again. 

If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t make it past a miscarriage, an adoption challenge or pregnancy, give this episode a listen and I hope it inspires you to keep trying. This couple knew from Day 1 that they were going to be parents and that tunnel vision kept their heads up and their hearts open. 

You are not going to believe this episode, it is so powerful and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

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AND...she wrote a book! She tells you all about the book and the creative team. For more information visit their website 

Co-writer: Colette Freedman

Illustrator: Alexandria Skaltsounis

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