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EP5- HELLP-less…

August 28, 2019

Imagine you are 30 weeks pregnant, have had an uneventful pregnancy, but then start to experience the normal “being pregnant” symptoms all at once and to an unbearable level.  After heading into your doctors office to figure out if everything is ok, they immediately tell you to head to the hospital and don’t stop to pee on the way. 

When you get to the hospital, you’re told that you will be having this baby tonight, more like in 30 minutes, because you have about 90 minutes before this syndrome that has started to attack your body, becomes life-threatening. 

You are truly...H.E.L.L.P.-less.  That is the story of my hero of a guest, Shana Conza and her sweet baby girl Georgia, born at just 2lbs 8oz and 15.5”. 


-Shana’s Doctor & Hospital: Dr. Michelle Morgan of OBGYN Westside- Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, New York. 

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