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EP4- A couple of DADS…

August 22, 2019

Here at The Pumping Podcast, I want to showcase how every family is different, every child is special, every mom is a hero and every Dad can have the same wishes as a mom.  If you are non-heterosexual and have ever dreamed of having a family, this couple is here to prove that with a little determination and a lot of patience it can come true.  

In this episode, my guests Sean and Tony (a couple of DADS) bring us through their journey of starting a family after being together for 7 years.  These two required the utmost patience, as they hit obstacle after obstacle.  

During this interview, the excitement in their voices is so palpable, as they were just 2 weeks out from meeting their bundle of joy.  No matter what form a family comes in, as long as it is surrounded by love, that’s all that matters and this little one will surely be loved by many open arms. 


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